March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Blog!

Since I first began this blog two years ago today, it's been a meandering journey of eclectic zig zags as I've sought to explore the topics that ricochet in and out of my goofy little brain. While 77 posts in 24 months is hardly the epitome of cyber-productivity (there are plenty of bloggers who can sprout 77 posts in a single month without a hitch), my thinking remains profoundly shaped by the ideas I've pondered, critiqued, suggested and defended in this space.

So to mark the occasion of The Common Loon's second birthday, here's a look back at the 7 most commented posts:

And while we're rummaging through the archives, here are 7 other posts that failed to generate much response, apparently because they're not about abortion, gay marriage or New Calvinism:


Becs said...

Happy Birthday Loon!

I've enjoyed reading your posts these past 2 years... Sorry that the boys and I have probably kept you from being more prolific, but at least your posts are quality!

love, the other bird

Anonymous said...

Sweet cake.