February 20, 2010

Wheaton's Next President: The Right Choice?

The evangelical blogosphere is abuzz regarding the selection of Philip Ryken as the next president of Wheaton College once Duane Litfin retires this year. Given Dr. Ryken's theological background as a complementarian Calvinist minister in the PCA (a pretty conservative denomination even by evangelical standards), it will be interesting to observe the reaction from evangelicals who do not happen to be part of the Gospel Coalition/Restless Reformed movement.
As a Wheaton alum, I'm still processing this news for myself, but in the meantime, I'd be interested to hear from either:
A) Any complementarian Calvinists who are NOT excited about Dr. Ryken's selection


B) Any egalitarian non-Calvinists or "evangelical moderates" who are.
No matter how this plays out, my prayer is that it will all be for Christ and his Kingdom.

UPDATE: After learning a lot more about Dr. Ryken in recent weeks; as well as the desired qualifications and lengthy selection process undertaken by the College over the past 2 years, I am now supportive of Wheaton's choice. Denominational particulars aside, Dr. Ryken's record of scholarship, organizational leadership ability and intense devotion to Christ are undeniable.

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roosky said...

I don't have any strong views either way because I haven't yet formed my opinions about those sorts of distinctions, but I'm excited about the news! They haven't announced it on campus as far as I know yet, so this was the first confirmation I heard/read.
On a side note, we had our last Town Hall Chapel with Dr. Litfin on Tuesday; it will be interesting to see if Dr. Ryken chooses to continue the Town Hall tradition. Anyway, I'll let you know how Wheaton changes under Dr. Ryken's leadership next year!