April 22, 2010

Alex Trebek doesn't know it all?

As a fan of useless trivia, I usually enjoy watching Jeopardy! despite the frequently condescending attitude of host Alex Trabek. On yesterday's show, the snootiness caught up with him while exchanging pleasantries with a contestant named Amy.

According to an unofficial transcript, the conversation went something like this:

Alex: Amy Wilson, our new champion, likes dressing up for Halloween.

Amy: I do. Literary figures.

Alex: Some of the figures you have, uh, dressed up as are?

Amy: Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind, Dumbledore from Harry Potter...

Alex: [insulted] I know where Rhett Butler is from. I know where Dumbledore is from.

Amy: I'm sorry Alex. And also Sam, Sam Gamgee from... [pausing to offer Alex both an olive branch and an opportunity to show forth his encyclopedic knowledge]

Alex: [puzzled] Sam Gamgee? I'm not familiar with that character.

Amy: Sam Gamgee from Lord of the Rings?

Alex: Oh, good. Mm-hmm.


Craig L. Adams said...

It's easy to look like you know it all if you have the little cards with the answers on them.

Rachel H. Evans said...

Lol! This cracks me up because the most painful part of Jeopardy is always the interviews. I cringe every time!

Also, I've always thought that Alex was a little full of himself. :-)

Cheryl said...

I too love Jeopardy and hate Trebek! These days I just skip the interviews though.

Adam Bailey said...

Do you ever think about what you'd say in your 15 second interview on Jeopardy? What interesting tidbit would you give them? I'd be pretty tempting to make something up right on the edge of believability. "That right, Alex, I hold the world record for fastest chukar cleaning!" "I've been to every point in the US where three states meet!" "I am an expert at making caricatures, but only of Carol Channing."