February 15, 2009

Ode to Blue Beast

This week, I'm getting the timing belt replaced on my beloved 1994 Honda Accord DX, who prefers to be called "Blue Beast." It seems like yesterday when Blue Beast was tenderly purchased (with what little tender us newlyweds could afford) in Rochester, New York with a mere 84,000 miles on her odometer. Five and a half years later, her milage has doubled to more than 175,000 which means that it's time for her third (and final?) timing belt. This auspicious milestone provides as good of an opportunity as any to croon my undying devotion.

(Sing to the tune of "On top of Old Smoky")

O marvelous Blue Beast,
My faithful Accord
The height of your beauty
Was back in '94

Your looks have since faded
From "good" down to "fair"
With "racing stripes" fashioned
By hot solar glare

Like all other stick shifts
Or "manual trans"
Your clutch pedal makes for
Left-footed demands

You've been to Mount Rushmore
And the Golden Gate Bridge
You crossed the Pacific
In a big metal "fridge"

(ok, so the container wasn't refrigerated, but anything to make it rhyme!)

My grimy face beamed when
I first changed your oil
To fuel-sipping imports
I'll always be loyal

With hubcaps from Wal-mart
And high beams so bright
You brought home my firstborn
His seat buckled tight

Despite rust encroaching
On your 15-year-old frame
I'll love you forever
Long as Blue Beast's your name


Cheryl said...

This made me laugh!

I have yet to notice the "racing stripes" but maybe that's a good thing. Long live Blue Beast!

The Common Loon said...

FYI, Blue Beast's "racing stripes" are located on her rooftop above the main cabin.

They're quite endearing in a sun-scorched sort of way.